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Scholarships For Dads

Are you looking for scholarships for dads on the Internet? Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’ve found a lot of good ones. But before we talk about where you actually go to find scholarships for dads, let’s cover something very important.

I setup this site to help guys like myself find scholarships. Before I ever started school I went through all the paperwork to get government loans and what not, but I still needed more money. And when I first began looking around for money for school, it was really tough to find anything. A bunch of sites out there were making big claims. When I checked them out, they turned out to be scams.

Then one day, my friend sent me an email about a scholarship that is specifically for dads. I thought it might be too good to be true so I went and investigated the site. And yeah, I thought it was fake at first, but these sites actually do give out money. I read through their testimonials and people are actually winning $10,000 through some of these sites. It turns out that these sites make enough money through advertising to kick some of it back to the dads that register.

I got really motivated one night and dug a little deeper to see if there were more sites like it. I found a few others and they were doing the same thing. Of course I did find a few scam sites, but I was able to spot those right away and avoid them.

Truthfully, I’m pretty sick of emailing out links to these websites to friends and people I meet. That is why I’ve decided to make a list on here for anyone who is interested. On the right hand side you will see the legitimate sites that I have already researched. I also took the time to review each of them and below each review is a link to the registration page.

If you’re a dad looking for extra money for school, take a minute and look at these programs. It’s not a definite thing that you’ll win the money, but it is worth a shot. After all, it’s not a definite that you will get any scholarship, grant, or anything like that. But as far as I know, most people don’t know about these sites yet and you might have pretty good odds.

They are also pretty quick to register for in comparison to a lot of other scholarships out there. It took me about 2 minutes for the top one and all the other sites are fairly quick. So it’s a good time investment if you have a minute or two.

What’s The Catch In Signing Up For Scholarships For Dads?

Yup, you’re a smart cookie if you are asking yourself this question.  Here is the low down on what is going on behind the scenes.  A lot of these sites that give out actual month to fathers going back to school are only able to do so because of a few reasons.  The most important is the fact that they are able to generate advertising money on their websites via people like you.  Advertisers are eager to get their ad in front of anybody and that is where a portion of the scholarships money comes from.  Most of these sites also have optional offers that give them extra revenue.

All that these scholarship sites are doing is making money.  And there is no problem with that.

The Best Way To Get This Scholarship Money For Fathers

The best way to get the scholarships is to properly manage your email – keep reading because that will make more sense in a second.  You see, when you sign up for the sites below, they are going to send you emails for offers.  Yeah, they are trying to make money again, but no biggie.  Make sure that you set your email to filter out these emails.

Also, make sure that you sign up for a lot the scholarship offers.  Every one of them is free and it only takes a minute to sign up.  Most people sign up to one scholarship, don’t win, and they forget about it.  But you should be signing up for every one of them to drastically improve your chances of winning.

14 Responses to “Scholarships For Dads”

  • Francis:

    I’m going back to school this fall and every penny counts. I can’t believe how expensive school is compared to when I was in college awhile back. But thanks for setting this up. I had to look through a lot of garbage to get to this page and it looks like it might help.

  • Brent:

    Hey man, do you know how many people win these things and how often?

    What are you up to this summer? We should get the kids together or something.

  • Preston:

    I just signed up for all of the ones you have listed on here. That’d be sweet to win 10k before school starts. I could use it!

    By the way, do you know of any other scholarships?

    • JC:

      Hi Preston:
      Sorry man. I don’t know of any others right now. I will definitely add them on here if I find any. And if you find them before me, shoot me an email and let me know!

  • Matthew G.:

    Cool Beans JC. I’m glad I had a class with you, otherwise I wouldn’t have heard about these things.

  • Yuki:

    Just found your site. Where are you going to school?

  • Scott Lenning:

    I heard about that scholarships for dads site on my forum and figured I would check it out. Good review and thanks for doing a bit of research on each of them.

    Could you please add more scholarships on here? I would like to get on board with as many as possible.

  • Howie S.:

    How do you know when you win? I just signed up and was just curious.

  • Paper Pusher:

    What’s up JC. Dude, you should put a link to your site on facebook. I think that Mark would like it if he know about it.

  • joseph hayes:

    I need help, school starts and i am done with my MSW in May of 2012, i will need 5000.00 or i wont graduate can someone please help..

  • joseph hayes:

    I need help, school starts 9/13/11 and i am done with my MSW in May of 2012, i will need 5000.00 or i wont graduate can someone please help..

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My List (updated 6/21/2011):

To register for any of these scholarships, just click on the following links and enter your information on the registration pages.

Status: Active
Provider: Scholarships For Dads
Registration: Click here

Amount: $10,000

Review: This website is specifically for dads. I recommend it because the number of people who know is very low compared to more general scholarships and grants. This is currently the top site for dads looking for money for school.

Status: Active
Provider: Scholarship Spot
Registration: Click here

Amount: $10,000

Review: This site is very similar to the others. They give out $10k on a regular basis. Registration is free like all the other sites.

Status: Active
Provider: Scholarship Zone
Registration: Click here

Amount: $10,000

Review: A bit bigger of a scholarship site. Lots of people know about this one and you've got a lot smaller of a chance to get it. But like I always say, it can't hurt to try.

Status: Unknown
Provider: Scholarship Points
Registration: Click here

Amount: $10,000

Review: This is a fairly new site (to me at least). I don't know much about the people behind it, but it looks good from the quick research I did on their site. My lack of experience with this site puts it at number four on this list. Take a look at the site if you have questions. If you have personal experience with it, please shoot me an email and let me know.